Contact - Carol Brightbill

I have been in design for most of my career. Working as a graphic designer, web designer, and photographer. Based in the state of Pennsylvania, I use the rural landscape that surrounds me as my inspiration with the benefit of the four seasons to add character to my images. I like to go back and photograph the exact scene but during the different times of the year. What Pennsylvania means to me? Old barns, farmland, beautiful animals, mountains, valleys, fields, all season. Bird and flowers. I want to share with you my vision of a place I call home, a place where I wonder the fields, far and wide, looking at the beauty that surrounds me. I think Pennsylvania is a beautiful state with the changing seasons and the rolling landscapes and farmscapes.

There are old barns littered on the highways and byways and tucked deep into the woods. I don't really have any formal training in photography but I study and take tutorials constantly to improve my art. I want you to look at one of my pictures and think you are actually viewing a painting. Enjoy the scenes and I hope it brings joy. Please feel free to contact me at And please share with me your comments and views. If you know of a barn that is hidden and need to be photographed, I would love to hear about it!

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